A Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

A Holiday Gift-Giving Guide

December 01, 2021

It’s December, and that means it’s crunch time for the gift-buying season. This year, a little thinking outside the box will go a long way toward putting a smile on loved ones’ faces.

Whether you’re buying for friends or family, for now or later, you’ll be sure to find the perfect presents in this gift guide!


Many of us have gotten accustomed to spending a lot more time at home this year—which is a welcome reality for some and a trying one for others. So make the stay-at-home environment happier for everyone with these ideas for creating enjoyable living spaces.


Perhaps not surprisingly, sales of foods like tomato sauce, oil, and cheese have skyrocketed this year. It’s a great time to send a friend or family member on a taste adventure with a sampler kit! Hot sauces are always a popular choice for the more daring, as are BBQ sauces and spices. For heartier selections, you can opt for meat-and-cheese baskets or even a vegan jerky sampler pack.

Home Gym

People are adjusting to working out more in the confines of their homes, even to the point of adding home gyms. So why not help these workout warriors with a perfect gift? Items as simple as exercise bands or hand weights are not only practical but also show that you support their effort to better themselves. Another great idea for the workout warrior in your life? Buying a gift pass or a trial subscription for an at-home fitness program.

Living Areas

Nothing beats the gift of coziness, especially in frequently used rooms. Throw pillows, pillow covers, and throw blankets are affordable options that can add a touch of elegance and personality to anyone’s home. You can also customize these items with their favorite sports teams or animals.


The home office has become more valuable than ever; however, because of the amount of time spent there nowadays, it can start to get unorganized and feel stagnant. You can provide an answer with your holiday gifts! A daily calendar can start each day with a laugh, inspiration, or something to think about, while stackable trays or a drawer organizer can help keep things tidy. Remember: no matter what you choose, make sure it suits the recipient’s space and needs.


2020 taught us that there’s something special about getting back to basics, whether that’s rediscovering your love of crafts or pulling out a board game. These gift ideas take the concept to heart and will bring joy to friends and family members alike. A word of advice, though: these products tend to sell out fast, so order as soon as possible!



Some of the most popular hobbies during the twentieth century were quilting, crocheting, and knitting, and that sector has seen a spike in popularity this year. So help your artistic friends ride this resurgent wave of creativity by purchasing products and patterns for them at places like Lion Brand Yarn and Missouri Star Quilt Company, which not only have hundreds of choices but also tutorials for beginners.


If you or your kids are used to playing fast-paced games, you might be surprised to find that slower-paced games are all the rage. For example, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for Nintendo Switch, is a great gift option for the whole family. The record-breaking game provides endless fun at a casual island pace and adds frequent updates to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.

Speaking of relaxing activities, board games are always a good choice—especially recently, when classic games have gotten a new twist with fun “mashups” like Twister Scrabble.


Much like they are with board games, fun-seekers are scooping up puzzles in high numbers. There’s virtually something for everyone on your list with this challenging hobby, so it will be easy to find a puzzle that matches any particular taste—whether your recipient prefers tabletop puzzles (such as this year’s popular colorful gradient puzzles) or more challenging 3D versions. And don’t forget to help them preserve their work with a puzzle mat.

If your friends and family members enjoy working with words or numbers, crossword puzzle books might just be the perfect gift—and there are so many options, you can choose the perfect theme for each recipient.

FUN IN 2022

The holiday season is a joyous time—but what about after it’s over? One of the best ways you can give back to friends and family this season is by looking forward with their gifts. These monthly subscription ideas will help the fun and excitement continue well into the new year and beyond!

Food and Drinks

True, these are a pair of life’s necessities, but they also offer an endless amount of variety and culinary exploration. If there are foodies in your circle, consider signing them up for Universal Yums, which delivers snacks from a different country to their doorstep every month. Know a wine lover? Then purchase them a gift card for Winc, which delivers wines based on their personal tastes.


Speaking of personalization, trying new beauty products to find suitable shades and textures can be exhausting, frustrating, and costly. What if you could purchase a membership for a customized monthly five-piece “glam bag” for a friend? IPSY offers just that, with bags of cosmetics for as little as twelve dollars a month!


Reading a good book takes you into a world of mystery and intrigue, so imagine how happy your literature-loving friends will be going on a new journey each month! With Book of the Month Club, your recipients can choose their favorite novels from five newly published options every month. You can have books sent for three months, six months, or a year.


For many of us, the term “adventure” has been redefined this year—but there are still some truly awesome adventures to be had right at home. Two options to consider for friends and family: the Adventure Challenge and Escape the Crate. The former is a book full of scratch-off challenges that are specifically designed for friends, families, or couples; the latter is an easy means to turn your recipient’s home into an escape room.

These are just a few of many creative ways you can tailor your friends’ and family members’ interests into the perfect presents this season. They’ll love your thoughtfulness as much as the gifts themselves!



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