Dad’s Day Out: Must-Visit Destinations for Father’s Day

Dad’s Day Out: Must-Visit Destinations for Father’s Day

June 14, 2021

When it comes to shopping for Father’s Day, it can be tricky to avoid the old clichés of a new tie or a seventh (unnecessary) screwdriver for his toolbox. Besides, what if your dad isn’t the businessman or handyman type?

Instead of scouring a store for a gift, think outside the box and bring Dad on an adventure he’ll never forget instead.

For the outdoorsman

If your father loves to spend his free time in nature, there are plenty of exciting activities you can conjure up for his Father’s Day celebration. Luckily, June weather is favorable most places throughout the country, so consider scheduling a family hiking trip, or if you live by the water, a fishing trip. Neither of these sound like Dad? Any activity where he gets to have some fun in the sun will suffice!

For the movie buff

Your dad can’t resist the call of a new movie release and a bucket of buttery popcorn, but if you can recreate his favorite place right at home he’ll be even more impressed. Whether indoors or out, setting up your own home theater experience is guaranteed to put a huge smile on his face. All you need are some comfortable pillows or chairs, his favorite lineup of films, plenty of snacks, and you have yourself a brilliant gift.

For the food and wine (or beer) connoisseur

Lovers of the Food Network will be thrilled with a trip around town to experience all of the delicious delights there are to sample. Take a look at a map of your nearest city, and plot out a few restaurants and dessert shops you know your dad will love. Or, if he is more of a wine and beer fan, look for a local winery or craft brewery to see what’s on tap. Your father (and his stomach) will be grateful.

For the sports fan

Baseball, football, tennis, golf? Whatever sport Dad is into, he’ll be overjoyed if he gets to take part in the activity on his special day. Try scheduling some time at local batting cages, or bringing a bat and some baseballs to a local park for some hitting practice. If your family is big enough, organize a flag football game in the backyard. Spending some time at the driving range is also a safe bet!

For the bookworm

If your dad’s idea of fun is walking the halls of your town’s local library for his favorite classics or analyzing the lives war heroes at an American history museum, plan a trip to a nearby educational site, preferably one that touches on his favorite subject: science, technology, history, culture. Bonus points if you let him regale you with the “fun facts” he loves to share so often.

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