Hobbies You Can Start Today

Hobbies You Can Start Today

January 17, 2023

With lives full of work and obligations, it’s important to make time for leisure and fun. We become depleted and stressed when we don’t do enough of the activities that bring us joy. If you’re stuck in a rut with your daily routine, it’s the perfect time to start up a new hobby.

If you’re a creative type…

Maybe you already enjoy doodling or journaling in your free time, but you could consider harnessing your creativity by taking up a unique artistic hobby.


This intricate style of lettering will allow you to slow down and focus while creating beautiful, handwritten art that can be used for wedding invitations, gifts, decor, etc. There are many resources available to help you get started, including online tutorials and worksheets.


Pottery is a difficult art that requires patience, but it is also incredibly satisfying. You can purchase a pottery wheel online and get to work making your own mugs, plates, vases, and everything in between.


Take to the internet for step-by-step origami tutorials. Stock your house with the necessary tiny papers and get to work creating beautiful figures.

Furniture Repurposing

If you have old furniture that needs an upgrade, consider updating these items DIY-style. Sanding a piece and finishing it with a touch of new paint can make an old item look as good as new.

If you already like food and cooking…

Of course, you can continue to look up new recipes and prepare meals at home, but there are many other exciting ways that you can embrace your passion for culinary arts.

Try family recipes

If you have an old recipe box full of the comfort foods grandma would make when you were younger, break it out and try your hand at some of them. You might rediscover an old favorite!

Make your own drinks

Check your state laws first, but in many cases, it’s perfectly legal to make your own beer or wine at home. Experiment with different flavors and blends and serve your creations the next time you host family or friends for dinner.

Start a food-related club

Have a lot of foodie friends? Get a group together and set up regular meetings (online works too!) once or twice a month, completely dedicated to food. The meetings can have themes, like “around the world” or “breads.” If you’re doing an online meeting, you could rank each other’s work on presentation or creativity instead of taste.

If you consider yourself a lifelong learner…

You might be years out of school but still have a zest for learning. There are many ways you can continue to expand on your intelligence beyond your school days.

Learn a language.

Choose a language that you’re interested in learning. Maybe you’d like to learn the language of your older relatives or ancestors, or you want to learn the native language of a country you’re planning to visit. Whether you buy some books or enroll in an online program, this process will keep your brain working.

Teach yourself an instrument.

There are countless online guides that can help you teach yourself an instrument of your choice. This challenge will stimulate your brain and it’ll be incredibly satisfying once you master your instrument.

Start a book club.

Gather a group of friends looking to learn more about a certain topic. Whether you’re looking into a certain period of history, want to explore a fiction author’s work, or want to take some time to read thought-provoking, discussion-based books, select your books together and plan on monthly meetings to analyze them.

If you’re an active person…

Already like to exercise or spend time outdoors? Try one of these active hobbies that feels more like an activity than your daily routine of hitting the gym.


Hiking is a more scenic way of exercising than your typical walk or run. Find a park or trail near your area (just be sure to check online first for park restrictions, guidelines, and hours) and get ready for peaceful time with beautiful views. You can even get a hiking group together if you’d prefer to go with others.

Mind & Body

Yoga is one of the most relaxing forms of exercise, and the best part is it can be done anytime, anywhere—and with practically no equipment. There are plenty of places online to help beginners, including YouTube, when you’re ready to get started.


Look into campgrounds at your local state park or even a nearby national park. Pack up camping gear, recruit some friends, and lay out under the stars every night. If you’re new to camping and want to ease yourself into it, try camping out in your backyard!

If you’re growing tired of your daily routine, pick up a new hobby to refresh yourself and add some excitement to your life.


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