How to Help Troops and Veterans: Operation Gratitude

How to Help Troops and Veterans: Operation Gratitude

November 08, 2023

One of the obstacles people face when they want to help veterans is knowing how to start. The nonprofit organization Operation Gratitude makes it easy to help.

Operation Gratitude’s main focus is on gathering items and letters to send to our troops, veterans, new recruits, and wounded warriors, in addition to military children. They’ve been sending over 150,000 care packages a year since they first started in 2003, and veterans are the primary recipients of all the charitable efforts, with over 95% of donations being put toward program services.

How can you work with Operation Gratitude help veterans? There are many easy, wonderful ways to do so; here are just a few of them.

Write a letter to a soldier or a veteran.
People who are defending or have defended our country say that getting encouraging words from fellow Americans often means more than just about anything, and knowing what to write about is easier than you think.

Send items to be included in care packages.
There are so many much-needed items that you can provide for Operation Gratitude’s veteran care packages, from food to clothes to toiletries.

Recycle your old cell phone or other electronics for soldiers.
There’s no need to trash your old devices, when they can be put to good use by an appreciative member of our military.

Organize a collection drive in your area.
Taking the lead in gathering items for veterans not only shows you care, it also spreads the word to others about veterans’ needs.

Arrange a veterans fundraising event.
Much like a collection drive, volunteering to raise much-needed money for veterans goes beyond the giving—it also increases awareness for our veterans.

Donate money to cover shipping costs of care packages.
If you’re more the type to help behind the scenes, you can make a tax-deductible donation to cover shipping costs for sending an Operation Gratitude care package (which is $15 a box).

To get more great ideas for ways you can help veterans, visit the Operation Gratitude website.


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